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What Is The Study Well?


The Study Well is a resource run by me, Seán Lally, to teach you HOW to study. I have emphasized the word “how” because we are continuously told WHAT to study, but rarely taught how exactly we can do this in an optimal way. So many students are left to figure out how to study by themselves, usually resulting in frustration, unfulfilled potential and in a lot of time being wasted. The information I provide is applicable to many different groups of students, whether it be students entering into secondary school for the first time or adults returning to education for a diploma or masters.

One of the groups I work closely with are those preparing for their leaving certificate. The rationale being that these students dedicate so much of their time to studying and learning, but often without much needed guidance, and all of this at a greatly changing time of their lives.


Who is Seán Lally?


I am a family guy in my thirties who became increasingly frustrated with study methods as both a student and as someone who taught students of nearly every level and ability over the years.

I graduated from NUI Galway as a Biomedical Science student in 2002 and then went on to get a Ph.D. in Clinical Medicine (Diabetes) in Trinity College, Dublin in 2005. I continued on with nearly two years post-doctoral studies just outside New York. It took me a long time to admit that I was wasting a lot of effort studying the wrong way. Being honest with myself (about half way through my doctorate), I reanalyzed the situation and decided that I had to learn how to learn in an optimised way.

It became glaringly obvious to me that those around me, my fellow students, my family and my friends,  simply didn’t know how to study.


I wish someone had taught ME how to study when I was doing my leaving cert


I really wish there had been someone to show me exactly how I should study, how I could optimize my time and how I could maximize my results with the time I was putting in to my studies. I actually ended up repeating my leaving cert in 1998, something I wouldn’t have had to do if I had only known how to study the first time around. And even at that, I fell short by just 5 points of my target, to do medicine in NUI Galway. Like so many before me, I was annoyed, frustrated and worried I wouldn’t be able to improve my results sufficiently the second time around.


How did I learn how to study?


It wasn’t until I met a fellow Ph.D. student who had experienced similar frustrations with his efforts to learn and remember the required material. As it happened, he had recently been taught some things about how we process, store and retrieve information by a visiting professor. After speaking with him, I made a decision to read whatever I could about this fascinating topic and develop my own study skills, improving my memory, my understanding and my focus. I read voraciously for over a year and I tried to absorb and apply what I read, until I got to the situation where I am today, comfortable in teaching others how they can apply this methodology themselves.


How do I now teach others how to study?


The website you are now on, www.thestudywell.com, is a resource for students where I publish blog posts with some information on skills I know to be useful for those studying.

In addition to the blog, I have a section that gives details about up-coming seminars I hold at different locations around Ireland. This has been in direct response to enquiries from many students who have said that the face-to-face format of a seminar was their preferred format of learning how to study. They wanted as much of the information in one place, with the added bonus of being able to ask questions in a live format. The seminars are held on specific weekend throughout the year.

westport-picIn addition to the seminars, I am creating a video-course that will be available in August/Septmeber 2017 on this website. In it you will find many actionable pieces of information to directly help you as a student. When the process of how we learn is explained properly, students tend to be more engaged in their own journey of learning and this video-course will be a great resource to help with this understanding.




Enjoyment and satisfaction


I gain great enjoyment from helping students understand how to study properly, happy in the satisfaction that they are learning not only a skill for exams, but a skill for life. I feel fortunate that I have this knowledge available to me, so I embrace the opportunity to share it with others.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me on Facebook (thestudywell), Twitter (@thestudywell) or by email at the following address: info@thestudywell.com

Take care and study well!


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