Hello and welcome to The Study Well!

My name is Seán Lally and I created this site to help you learn how to learn so that you can study well!

Over the past 20 years it has become glaringly obvious to me that while there is no shortage of WHAT to learn, we are rarely taught HOW!

Learning is a combination of two very important elements – understanding and remembering. Most students, of any age, struggle to master these two aspects. It is my objective, through blog posts, videos and seminars (for both parents and students) to help people understand how they can be optimised.

Our understanding of the functioning of the brain has improved dramatically over the past century, but this is not reflected in how we study. It is our aim to address this vital gap in the education system.

By explaining how the brain works, how we optimise our understanding and recall of information, studying new material becomes less daunting and this is reflected by the hundreds of students who have worked with The Study Well and dramatically improved both their exam results and their relationship with studying.

Take care and study well!

Seán Lally

Our Learning Resources

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Seminars & Events

In these very popular 1-day Student Seminars, we discover what exactly is involved in studying and where so many students waste time and energy. We look at how to dramatically improve your memory, how to take notes effectively and how to combine things like homework and study. Learning how to learn will change the way you study, forever.

The  next seminar for Junior Cert cycle students (1st-3rd years) is on Saturday November 25th, from 10am-4pm in Claregalway. You can find more information by clicking here


The Study Well Blog

Keep up-to-date with the latest blog posts from The Study Well. In these writings, I offer some guidance on various aspects of how to optimise the way we learn. We are learning a lot more about how the brain functions – is’t about time we put this knowledge into action.

I am happy to address any questions directly (info@thestudywell.com) or indeed to write an article on any area of studying/learning that you as a student (or as the parent of a student) feel you could do with some help.

These blog posts can also be accessed through Facebook and Twitter.

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Parents Information Nights

Throughout the year there will be various information nights in locations around the country for parents of students who would like to find out more about how they can help their child learn more effectively.

At these very well attended talks, I go through what it means to truly learn something, helping parents understand how the brain works at a basic level, and how this information can greatly benefit their son/daughter as they make their way through their educational journey. The talk usually comprises of a 1-hour lecture followed by a Q+A session.

Stay tuned for the latest information night or contact me at info@thestudywell.com for information about talks in your area.

What Our Students Say

“I attended your talk last night for parents in Claregalway secondary school and I was very impressed with your knowledge in this area. You are very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching people how the brain works and how we can apply this information to studying in the right way. I look forward to sending my daughter to your seminar. “

– J.M, one of the parents who attended the “information nights for parents” recently in Claregalway.

“All I usesd to do was panic and then give up when it came to studying. I really hated it. Thank you for shining a light into how we learn and for teaching me how to study. I will be forever grateful”

– Donna, student from Kildare