Hello and welcome to The Study Well!

This site was created to help you learn HOW to study, in particular for those students taking the Leaving Cert in Ireland.

While there is an abundance of information available in our textbooks and from what we are taught in school, HOW we learn this information is rarely adressed adequately.

Learning is a marriage of understanding and memory and is in itself often misunderstood. Creating a framework where we can optimise this understanding and improve our memory, both short and long-term, is part of the goal of this website.

We also strive to create a platform where people are updated on topics from motivation to career choices and the benefits of optimal life-long learning. Our understanding of the functioning of the brain has improved dramatically over the past century, but this is not reflected in how we study. It is our aim to address this vital gap in the education system.

By explaining how the brain works, how we optimise our understanding and recall of information, studying new material becomes less daunting and this is reflected by the many students who have worked with The Study Well and dramatically improved both their exam results and their relationship with studying.

Take care and study well!

Seán Lally


Our Learning Resources

The Study Well Seminars

Seminars & Events

Seminars on “HOW to study for The  Leaving Cert” are held in various locations around Ireland. A full schedule of upcoming events is posted here and is updated 4-6 weeks prior to the event date. Click here to see what is covered in these Student Seminars.

The Study Well Blog

The Study Well Blog

Keep up-to-date with the latest blog posts from The Study Well. These can also be accessed through Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to get in contact to let me know any topics you would like covered (info@thestudywell.com)

How to study for the leaving cert video course

Video Course

The video course “HOW to study for the Leaving Cert” will be available from August 2017. This video course was created to guide you through each step of learning HOW to study for the Leaving Cert. It is appropriate for any student in 4th-6th year in secondary school in Ireland.

What Our Students Say

“Great talk last night Seán. It’s obvious you are passionate about teaching students (of ALL ages) how to study. My son and daughter will be attending your seminar next weekend. I’ve no doubt this will be a game changer for them. Thankful parent, Greg “

– Greg, parent who attended one of the popular “free information nights for parents”

“Thank you Seán, so so much. This is exactly what I was missing. I’ve never felt so calm about exams and I finally feel like things are sticking when I study! More people need to meet with and listen to you! Thank you again. Amy

– Amy, student from Galway