HOW to studyFeedback from the Free Parents Information Nights

Seán, just wanted to say that the information was way past what I expected. You are very generous with your time, so thank you very much.

I feel like I have much more of a clue what is ahead of my son for the coming year, and who knows, I may even be able to help him out!

Thanks again for your great explanations and brilliant overview. Tony.



The Study Well TestimonialsFor someone like me, I’d have been lost without the guidance from Seán. I felt like I had no motivation, but really I think it was not knowing how to study. I didn’t find school difficult but i felt like I didn’t know where to begin.

I wasn’t lazy because I was motivated with sport – training came more naturally to me. Study didn’t really. My friends who were motivated to study couldn’t even get motivated to bring in their PE gear! They’d spend hours studying because they seemed to enjoy it.

Just one focused afternoon with Seán helped me better understand how we learn. Within a few weeks I felt transformed in my willingness and ability to apply my new skills. I couldn’t recommend Seán highly enough to anyone who wants to learn how to study or improve their study skills.

– Elaine from Galway

Knowing HOW to study changed everything for me! Music is a big part of my life and I felt like I never had enough time to enjoy it. When I learned about how the brain works best and how to apply these study techniques I felt like I had some time back in my week. I wasn’t just a slave to the books! Thank you so much Seán.

– Maria from Kildare

Seán helped me understand what I was doing wrong. I reckon I’ve saved hundreds of hours of wasted study time with knowing how to study and use my memory properly. Can’t thank this guy enough, will be forever grateful.

– Cian from Dublin

“Thank you Seán, so so much. This is exactly what I was missing. I’ve never felt so calm about exams and I finally feel like things are sticking when I study! More people need to meet with and listen to you! Thank you again. Amy

– Amy from Galway