Why it’s important to learn how to learn

As a student, a lot of time is spent with new information, both inside and outside of the classroom. While there is a lot of focus on making information available to students, not enough time is dedicated to what we do with this information.   Our intuition is not always right when it comes to learning: Many students are misguided into believing that repetition, in the form of rereading and...
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Leaving cert advice

Just weeks to go to the L.C. and J.C. – what can you do to optimise you time and results?

Just weeks to go to the L.C. and J.C. - what can you do to optimise you time and results? Here are a few things you can do to optimise the way you prepare for your Leaving/Junior Cert exams:   Use Paretto's Principle (the 80/20 rule) to get the most relevant topics covered With time at a premium, you have to decide what are the topics you have time to cover. How do you do this? By using a...
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How the brain works when studying

Why it’s important to learn HOW to study?

Why it’s important to learn HOW to study   “When you know HOW to study, everything changes”. That’s a direct quote from one of the Leaving Cert students who attended a seminar I held last October (2016). I have no doubt about the positive impact knowing how to study and how we learn can have on the life of a student. One of the most commonly asked questions I'm asked after one of...
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Success with study

Motivation – understand it and use it for your leaving cert!

Motivation, will-power, self-control. Call it what you will, it can be a tough thing to maintain on a consistent basis. It can be tough to even get going to begin with! So how's it done? How do I go from an unmotivated, sometimes overwhelmed and often despairing student to one who knocks it out of the park? Well in the end it's down to you, but let me help you out. WILL-POWER IS MORE IMPORTANT...
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